• Final Report for the Pilot Projects Identifying, Recruiting, and Serving Families Who Are Hard to Reach (2013).
  • Early Childhood Research and Practice (ECRP) Archive
    Online Open Access Journal
    This electronic journal features articles related to the development, care, and education of children from birth to age 8.
  • Who's Caring for the Kids? The Status of the Early Childhood Workforce in Illinois—2008
  • Lessons from Far and Near: Notes on a Presentation to the Professional Development Advisory Council (PDAC) Annual Meeting for Stakeholders
    Lilian G. Katz, Ph.D., 2008
  • The Developmental Stages of Teachers
    Lilian G. Katz. 2005.
    This paper was first published in 1972 under the title “The Developmental Stages of Preschool Teachers” in Elementary School Journal [73(1), 50-54]. It was revised and reprinted in 1995 as “The Developmental Stages of Teachers” in Talks with teachers of young children: A collection (Stamford, CT: Ablex). This version has undergone further revisions, though the same central ideas are presented.
  • Connecting with Parents in the Early Years
    Jean Mendoza, Lilian G. Katz, Anne S. Robertson, and Dianne Rothenberg. December 2003.
  • The Project Approach Catalog 4: Literacy and Project Work Prepared for An Evening of Sharing at the Midwest Association for the Education of Young Children
    April 11, 2003 by the Project Approach Study Group. Edited by Judy Harris Helm
  • Issues in Early Childhood Education: Curriculum, Teacher Education, & the Dissemination of Information. Proceedings of the Lilian Katz Symposium. November 5-7, 2000
    Dianne Rothenberg, Ed. 2002.
  • Archive of books and digests published by the former ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education)