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Title: Bambini: The Italian Approach to Infant/Toddler Care. Early Childhood Education Series.
Author(s): Gandini, Lella, Ed.; Edwards, Carolyn Pope, Ed.
Pages: 256
Publication Date: 2001
Notes: Foreword by Robert N. Emde.
ISBN: 0-8077-4008-X
Available from: Document Not Available from EDRS.
Availability: Teacher's College Press, P.O. Box 20, Williston, VT 05495-0020. Tel: 800-575-6566; Fax: 802-864-7626; Web site: ($21.95).
Language: English
Document Type: Book (010); Collected works--General (020)
Geographic Source: U.S.; Vermont
Journal Announcement: RIEJUN2001

This book describes Italian experiences in providing early care and education, focusing on four cities--Milan, Parma, Reggio Emilia, and Pistoia--with outstanding city-run systems designed to serve children under 3 and their families. The book considers specific strategies or practices used, and interprets the significance of the Italian innovations for American early childhood practice. Following an introduction on the historical context of Italian early care and questions addressed by the book, the chapters are: (1) "Infant Care in the United States and How the Italian Experience Can Help" (J. Ronald Lally); (2) "Infant-Toddler Centers in Italy Today: Tradition and Innovation" (Susanna Mantovani); (3) "Change in Italian National Policy for Children 0-3 Years Old and Their Families: Advocacy and Responsibility" (Patrizia Ghedini); (4) "Reggio Emilia: The Image of the Child and the Child's Environment as a Fundamental Principle" (Carlina Rinaldi); (5) "Reggio Emilia: Experiencing Life in an Infant-Toddler Center. Interview with Cristina Bondavalli" (Lella Gandini); (6) "Milan: Meeting New Kinds of Family Needs" (Susanna Mantovani); (7) "Parma: Supporting the Work of Teachers through Professional Development, Organization, and Administrative Support" (Nice Terzi and Marialuisa Cantarelli); (8) "Pistoia: Creating a Dynamic, Open System To Serve Children, Families, and Community" (Annalia Galardini and Donatella Giovannini); (9) "'Inserimento': A Strategy for Delicately Beginning Relationships and Communications" (Chiara Bove); (10) "Two Reflections about Documentation" (Lella Gandini and Jeanne Goldhaber); (11) "Traces of Childhood: A Child's Diary" (Donatella Giovannini); (12) "Inclusion: Dario's Story" (Gabri Magrini and Lella Gandini); (13) "Knowing and Learning in an Educational Context: A Study in the Infant-Toddler Centers of the City of Pistoia" (Tullia Musatti and Susanna Mayer); (14) "Research as a Partnership for Learning Together: Studying the Growth of Relationships Inside the Nido" (Carolyn Pope Edwards and Lella Gandini); (15) "'Quando c'e' Figli' (When There Are Children): Observations on Italian Early Childhood" (Rebecca S. New); and (16) "Conclusions for Now, Questions and Directions for the Future" (Carolyn Pope Edwards and Lella Gandini). Most chapters contain references. (KB)

Descriptors: Caregiver Child Relationship; *Day Care; Delivery Systems; Documentation; Family School Relationship; Foreign Countries; Inclusive Schools; *Infant Care; *Infants; Preschool Curriculum; *Preschool Education; Professional Development; Program Descriptions; Public Policy; *Reggio Emilia Approach; Student Evaluation; Teacher Administrator Relationship; *Toddlers
Identifiers: Historical Background; *Italy; Parent Caregiver Relationship; Special Needs Children; United States