The Project Approach Catalog 3 
by the Project Approach Study Group
edited by Judy Harris Helm
Catalog #224; 2000

Table of Contents

Foreword: Project Approach Study Group Catalog
by Lilian G. Katz

Section 1: The Project Approach

  • The Project Approach in Action
    Sylvia C. Chard
  • Getting a First Project Started with Young Children
    Judy Harris Helm and Lilian G. Katz
  • Making Sense of Location: Mapping the Kindergarten Park
    Sylvia C. Chard

Section 2: Learning How to Guide Projects: The Teachers' Journeys

  • Implementing the Project Approach: What Teachers Say
    Judy Harris Helm
  • Supporting Teachers in Project Work: The Administrator's Role
    Cathy Wiggers
  • Learning from Teachers: Lessons from the Illinois Project Group
    Sallee Beneke
  • Guiding Teachers Step by Step: Inservice Training Experiences
    Judy Harris Helm and Brenda Smith
  • Helping Teachers Learn: College and University Experiences
    Eileen Borgia, Sylvia C. Chard, and Tom Drummond

Section 3: The Project Approach on the Web

  • Methodology in Activity: Two Examples of Long-term Projects: Excerpt from Early Childhood Research & Practice
    Michael Glassman and Kimberlee Whaley
  • Chicken Project Web Site
    Candy Mabry

Section 4: Project Summaries

Section 5: Resources for Implementing the Project Approach

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