Resources on the Project Approach

  • The Language of Projects: A Glossary of Terms Used in the Project Approach
  • The Projects Web Site
          Sylvia C. Chard
  • ERIC/EECE Digests Relevant to the Project Approach
    • The Project Approach
      Lilian G. Katz (1994)
      English | Spanish | Chinese
    • Integrate, Don't Isolate! - Computers in the Early Childhood Curriculum
      Bernadette Caruso Davis and Daniel D. Shade (1994)
    • The Benefits of Mixed-Age Grouping
      Lilian G. Katz (1995)
    • Encouraging Creativity in Early Childhood Classrooms
      Carolyn Pope Edwards and Kay Wright Springate (1995)
    • The Contribution of Documentation to the Quality of Early Childhood Education
      Lilian G. Katz and Sylvia C. Chard (1996)
    • Problem Solving in Early Childhood Classrooms
      Joan Britz (1993)
    • Reggio Emilia: Some Lessons for U.S. Educators
      Rebecca S. New (1993)
    • Resource Rooms for Children: An Innovative Curricular Tool
      Sonja de Groot Kim (1994)
  • The Project Approach: An ERIC Bibliography of Books, Documents, and Journal Articles on The Project Approach

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